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Powerlifting/Strength Training:  Train with  World Champion, World Record Holder, and Hall of Famer, Bill Clark!  Bill will analyze your technical proficiency and develop an optimal system of technique and bar trajectory specific to your biomechanics.  Not only will Bill develop the

perfect technique for you, but he'll also construct an individualized program specifically targeting your weaknesses. 

Jiu Jitsu/Grappling/Martial Arts5th Degree Jiujitsu Black Belt, former police officer and martial art expert, Bill Clark is always willing to do seminars or individual training on arm bars, leg locks, chokes, self defense, and more.  Whether gi or no gi, on the streets or on the mats, Bill is an expert and can take you to the next levels of expertise! 


Motivational Speaking and Feats of StrengthBill has spoken to crowds in the thousands about overcoming adversity, the importance of the mind in athletic and life performance, the difference between success and excellence, how to perform optimally under stress, how to develop the champion's mindset, and so much, much more. Of course, Bill will perform some of his Guinness World Record Feats of Strength!

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