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Bill is not only an elite level athlete, he is also a 20 plus year teacher and has worked with groups of all ages.  Bill performs feats of strength that include bending steel motorcycle parts and spikes, ripping decks of playing cards, tearing license plates, and other things of the like.  Bill combines his efforts with age appropriate motivational messages and lessons from the Olympic Training Center that are sure to propel the listener to a future beyond what can be seen with the eye.  Bill will spend as much time as is possible with small groups and personally connect to each.  

Sample Video:  Bill Speaks on Seeing Through the Eyes of Faith

Sample Video:  Bill Speaks on The Importance of the Subconscious Mind

Bill speaking at one of his Youth Outreach Programs

Bill's full interview on the Nationally televised TV show American Real

Bill is addressing small groups and about to begin his strength demonstration

Bill begins bending a steel motorcycle part over his thigh

Motivational Speaking Topics

*Lessons from the Olympic Training Centers

*Seeing Through the Eyes of Faith

*Talent vs Skill

*Success is 50% and 50%

*The Importance of the Subconscious Mind and How to Train it

*Why Your Identity Determines Success or Failure

*The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

*The Central Nervous System & How to Make it Work for You

*Reasons vs Excuses

*And Much, Much More!


Bill is a very versatile speaker and can adjust his style to suit your venue.  Bill has spoken at bookstores, schools, fitness centers, at corporations, and at just about all points in between.  When addressing larger groups, Bill will formally speak while sporting a tie, jacket, and suit, but will then change into "working clothes" to perform an incredible strength demonstration that will never be forgotten.  Bill has been called a "master communicator" and seems to develop relationships on the spot.  


"Although I am one of Bill's best friends, I have to honestly say that Bill is an incredible human being.  He freely gives of his time and energy to make the world a better place.  There is no one more honorable than my buddy Bill.  He is a wonderful and dynamic speaker and his strength is unbelievable.  Bill does things that will blow your mind!  His messages are sure to help everyone in attendance and he has positively impacted the lives of countless people. He will do the same for you!"

- Don Reinhoudt

Multi World's Strongest Man Winner

Multi World Champion Powerlifter

Multi World Record Holder

Inductee in York Barbell Hall of Fame

Inductee into State and National Strength and Power Hall of Fame

"Bill has spoken to my students several times.  Bill absolutely draws people in with his amazing feats of strength and naturally charismatic personality.  What impresses me most, is that somewhere in his introduction he tells people that he is nothing special and that if he does his job right, his speaking won't be about him, but will be about those in attendance.  Although his accomplishments are beyond measure, you never once get the sense that he is bragging or promoting himself.  He is truly using what he has done to help others and that makes for a very special presentation!"

-Mr. Dave Tidick

Instructional Leader and Global History Teacher

Chenango Valley central Schools

Varsity Baseball and Golf Coach

"Mr. Bill Clark has worked with my cross country teams on numerous occasions and had had just incredible results.  Bill not only teaches my team the strength and power movements needed to run the highest hills in the region, but also takes the team through mental imagery and visualization training.  As Bill explains, these are the same methods that he learned while an athlete at the Olympic Training Centers.  He's absolutely awesome!"

-Mr. Jerid Jones

Social Studies Teacher

Varsity Cross Country Coach

"Watching Bill grow from a shy and introverted middle schooler to a confident world champion and hall of fame powerlifter and motivational speaker has been one of the great joys of my life.  Bill is a wonderful and caring man who gives everything he has to others.  Bill was even given an award for rescuing people from and subduing a violent felon.  In many ways, Bill is like a real-life Superman!  He's a champion's champion and will take you to the next level of your life!"

-Larry Bucchioni

Multi World Champion Powerlifter

Multi State, National, and World Record Holder

Inductee in Strength and Power Hall of Fame

And then finishes the bend by squeezing the steel together!

Bill Clark 

Motivational Speaking

Strongman -Demonstrations

Leadership Training

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My mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by making the world a better place.  

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