Bill engaging in a feat of strength for one of his  youth groups

Youth Outreach Groups

Bill believes in giving back to the community's youth and uses his talents to help to move them on a better path of life.  Bill's dad died at a very early age and his mother suffered from depression and mental illness.  Bill understands what it's like to fight through difficult times and succeed.  Just as importantly, he believes that the same is possible for everyone.  However and in order to overcome these difficulties, correct responses must be trained to the extent that they become the default settings in the mind.  Bill received great training from many of the nation's top sport psychologists, including those at the US Olympic Training Centers, and has the necessary tools to pass these approaches on to the younger generations. Bill will help to develop the program with you.  Call for more details! 

Bill has just bent a steel motorcycle seat brace (Holding in left hand).  It takes about 400 pounds of pressure to bend one of these.  

Bill Speaks with a youth group on strategies for overcoming personal adversity

Watch Bill's full interview on the TV show American Real

Bill Clark 

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My mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by making the world a better place.  

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   Vice President of National 

Strength & Power Hall of Fame

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