Her's a short clip from one of my Guinness World Records on ESPN (I can't show the interview in it's entirety for copyright reasons)


In this photo, Bill is in the process of breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Railroad Spikes Bent in One Minute!

Thanks to Binghamton University Photographer Jonathan Cohen for the great photo!

Guinness World Record: Most License Plates Torn in Half in One Minute (29).  The event was held at NYSEG Stadium with all proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation!

Bill is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter and professional strongman.  Typically, Bill most enjoys combining his feats of strength with his motivational messages and lessons.  In addition to his powerlifting accomplishments which are detailed on the page titled "Accomplishments," Bill is also a multi Guinness Book of World Records Title Holder.  

Some of Bill's favorite things to do during these get-togethers are to roll up into a pair of "binoculars" or into a telescope a brand name frying pan (not what you'd get at the dollar store), tear full decks of playing cards into two, bend steel railroad spikes, tear license plates into two, bench press 400-500 pounds, deadlift 600-800 pounds, lift cars (older style bumpers or apparatus handles are required), snap police handcuffs, and a few others of the like.  We are absolutely sure that the audience will be amazed.  However, you must talk to Bill about what you would like done prior to the event.  For the sake of modesty and humility, Bill will only do what is asked for as he does not want to appear to be a "show-off."

HoF Clark DL.jpg

Bill held the world record in the Deadlift with an effort of 740 pounds at a bodyweight of 198!

Here's Bill Bench Pressing 550 Pounds while training in his home gym at a bodyweight of 198.  Bill was named "one of the strongest men, pound for pound, to ever walk the face of the earth (Strength and Power Magazine)." His son Ethan, also a world champion in the 132 class, is doing the spotting.


Here is the raw footage from Bill's December 3rd Motivational Event and successful Guinness World Record attempt at Binghamton University